Ten Good Reasons To Visit A British Beach This Summer

Whenever we get a sniff of summer in the United Kingdom, we all start dreaming of ways to escape the country.

We pour over websites with their super charged array of holiday offers and sublime photos of silver sands and azure ocean and imagine ourselves there. The problem is, we forget about the blue waters and gorgeous sandy beaches just a few hours’ drive away from home here in England!

Our coastline is over 11 000 miles long and that is space enough for thousands of beaches and one or more of them will be perfect for whatever kind of a holiday you have in mind. So you don’t have to rush to book a flight, our own coast is home to spectacular sandy beaches, sheltered coves and lively coastal towns to explore.

Here are some of the main reasons to visit a British beach:

1. You don’t have to get on a plane, train or boat to find gorgeous, golden beaches and azure ocean.

2. The dog and the kids can come too.

3. It costs a whole lot less than going across to Europe or any other country which means you have more money to spend on actually enjoying your stay and spoiling the family.

4. Our coastal towns are varied and many have Summer festivals and ‘foodie’ events to enjoy as well.

5. No one does fish and chips like we do.

6. We Brits don’t hog the loungers by leaving our beach towels on them.

7.  You already know the language.

8.  You understand the road signs.

9.  You’ll definitely have signal on your mobile phone.

10. You know that the beaches will be pristine and have facilities.

We’re sure you can think of a dozen more great reasons to stay in the United Kingdom this Summer and support British beaches and we’d love to hear them. Please comment underneath this post so we can share your ideas with our readers.