Walking the Pembrokeshire Coast

An often-overlooked stretch of coastline in the UK, the Pembrokeshire Coast is as wild, beautiful and rugged as they come. With little in the way of damage done by mass tourism and with plenty of Welsh history tucked away along its scenic paths, this coastline is one for the adventurists.

It covers a massive 612 kilometres from St Dogmaels to Amroth, crossing the Preseli Hills and the Daugleddau, meaning that you can enjoy this untouched coastline exactly as you like. Here are just a few things you might want to know about Wales’ most stunning coastline.

There’s no shortage of outdoor activities

From guided group hikes and solo walking adventures to swimming, kite surfing and windsurfing, there’s simply no outdoor pursuit that is out of bounds. The beauty of spending your holiday next to this wild and wonderful coastline is that you can enjoy the best of water and land.

Of course, hiking will never go out of fashion here and it can be enjoyed throughout the year. Pembrokeshire does, however, enjoy some really special seasonal activities such as birdwatching in Spring; it is one of the best places in the UK to spot puffins.

History buffs have plenty to look forward to

Ancient history is part of the fabric of this small Celtic country, and the same goes for Pembrokeshire. Carew Castle and Tidal Mill date back over 2,000 years and offer plenty for history buffs to explore.

Hear fascinating stories about fearless knights, kings, noblemen and all the characters that made up the Elizabethan age and the civil war. And if you have the little ones in tow, the Horrid Histories tours and archery lessons will give them plenty to get involved in.

Head over to a museum

Wales is a pretty rainy place, so outdoor activities aren’t always possible. Thankfully, there are plenty of museums to hide away in. The Iron Age Village at Castle Henllys is a fully immersive experience that places you in the heart of this most grisly of ages. See how you’d fair as an iron merchant or welder and see life through the eyes of the people of the time.

Other places along the way

For a spot of shopping or a cosy day meandering around local art galleries, head over to Tenby where you’ll find everything you need, including independently-owned cafes and bistros for a spot of lunch or a sweet treat.