10 Top Beach Essentials For Summer

The sun is out, the air is fresh, and there is only one place to be in Britain this summer – the coast!

Before planning your ideal day out with family and friends it’s important to stock up on all those beach essentials. Then, when you feel the cool sand between your toes and you’re splashing in the refreshing water you will have the peace of mind that everything you need is right there.

Coast Radars top 10 items for your beach bags  are:

Sun Cream – The higher the factor the better and apply your cream all over just before you leave the house and keep topping up during the day.
Hats – For the ladies there are gorgeous arrays of big, floppy, Sophie Loren type straw hats out there. These hats cover your face and the back of your neck so you can stay out in the sun longer. For the man in your life a sporty peak cap and for children, a comfortable floppy cotton hat.
Bathing Suits – Don’t forget this essential item, it may seen obvious but there are times when this item may be left out in the excitement. Bikinis, tankinis, full bodied, halter necked and polka dotted. They come in so many shapes to suit your body. Men can opt for board shorts or if you feel daring a small speedo!
Beach Mat – An important item as the sand gets hot during the day. Straw or bamboo mats are better and still feel cool in the baking sun.
Water – Take plenty of water in spare bottles or thermos, it’s important to keep hydrated in the heat
Umbrella – Unless you are in tropical island paradise, there will be no trees or shade. An umbrella will give you enough shade to languish under for the whole day.
Cooler Bag – Fill your cooler bag with packed ice and fill with delicious fruits, sandwiches, crisps and other snacks. Leave the ice creams at home rather than in your cooler as something great to look forward to later – or from a fortunate vendor –  to prevent a sticky mess.
Beach Towels – Big colourful beach towels will brighten your section and keep everyone dry and comfortable.
Sunglasses – A funky pair of shades will keep the light out and couples with a straw hat, make you every inch the movie star.
Family and Friends – To ensure you have the best day ever don’t forget to invite your nearest and dearest and bask in the sun with them on a warm British summer day

Enjoy our beautiful beaches and don’t forget our top 10 essentials.