The most unusual things ever found on a beach in England

From Dragon’s heads to millions of pounds worth of cocaine!

Beaches hold a lot of hidden treasures that get spewed up from our oceans.

Trinkets, valuables and all things bizarre have washed up on beaches around the world. So what are the most unusual things that have washed up on the shores of Britain?

1. £7,000,000 worth of Cocaine 

Frank Partridge a parish going man likes a spot of beach combing at his local Pentreath Beach on the Lizard peninsula in Cornwall.

He would normally find weather beaten wood, pots, cookery and small valuables. One day however he came across a valuable package in the form of a package of cocaine worth over £1M of the drug. Mr Partrigde did not want the drugs to fall into the wrong hands so he turned it over to the police.

These events have become routine in Cornwall, and the total amount of cocaine has reached also £7M. But how do the police know its from Columbia? Apparently some of the packages have actually had “Columbia” written on them. Some packages have barnacles on them, and barnacles love the warm waters suggesting they have floated all the way from the Caribbean.

2.  3 500 Year Old Chieftain

In 2008 the remains of a Chieftain were found in a stone casket known as a cisk on the Constantine Island in North Cornwall.

Most of the locals going to and from the beach had sat on it, thinking it was empty.  An amateur archaeologist, Trevor Renals, made the discovery and it was an unusual find because our bronze age ancestors are not normally found in such good condition. Soon after it was excavated from the beach as the National Trust had fears it may wash out to sea again. Mr Renals had said this man was buried in a seated position, and must have been of importance due to the care taken in his burial.

3. The “Beast of Tenby”

A distorted carcass recently washed up on a beach in North Wales, and it has everyone baffled. A 27 year old man, Peter Bailey was walking his dog when she started to “act up.”

Peter got closer to the commotion where she was apparently barking and running around something. Upon closer inspection he describes a disturbing scene, “I could see it had little hair left on it’s decomposing body. Immediately I thought it was a horse but it had claws like a bear and a body of a pig. Surprisingly it didn’t smell.”

A National newspaper contacted Swansea University’s College of Science professor Dr. Dan Forman, would could not identify the mysterious creature. May the “Beast of Tenby”, whatever it may be, rest in peace.

Have you ever found anything unusual on the beach? We’d love to hear about it or even see it! Please post here in comments so we can share it with our readers.