4 of the Finest Beaches in the South of England

With hundreds of miles of stunning coastline, it’s no wonder why the south of England draws countless visitors from around the UK and overseas each year. Whether it’s to sunbathe, dive into the sea or head out on a coastal hike, there’s something here for everyone.

Unfortunately, we can’t cover every beach in the south on this list, so instead, we’ve narrowed down our top five to help you decide on the location for your next holiday getaway.

Moor Sand (Venerick’s Cove), Devon

This location is ideal for those who are adventurous and love an action-packed weekend away. There isn’t a road to reach the beach here, which is mostly made up of rocks and smooth pebbles. To get to the beach, you can take a car ride to Prawle Point and walk for about 2km to reach the beach itself.

Whilst it takes some effort to reach this location, it is well worth it. The spot is relieved of tourists and is perfect for those seeking an escape from the usually noisy crowds. It is also a popular spot for snorkelling due to its abundance of sea life. Just be aware that there is no lifeguard on duty here, so be careful when going swimming.

Viking Bay, East Kent

This magnificent horseshoe-shaped bay is located in the coastal town of Broadstairs. Overlooking the harbour is Bleak House where Charles Dickens was said to have written David Copperfield. It’s no surprise why the famous writer decided to come here during his time off. You are greeted with charming beach huts and a cliff-top promenade, which can be seen from one of the many local coffee shops.

There is a lifeguard service on the beach and a cliff elevator to take you back up to Broadstairs, should you not fancy the steep walk back up.

Sennen Cove, Cornwall

Located in the South West, Sennen is Cornwall’s hotspot for surfing. On the days when the tide is out, the beach is covered with golden sand and an abundance of space for visitors to bask in the sun. Even when the weather may not be so pleasant, there’s still a variety of art galleries and a lifeboat station to explore.

The promontory at the south side of the bay, the Pedn-med-du, provides a stunning viewpoint of the coast, with the granite cliffs providing the perfect structure for avid climbers. As Cornwall can be a relatively long journey by car depending on where you depart from, you can instead fly to Newquay’s Cornwall Airport and organise some airport transfers to your accommodation.

Brighton Beach, East Sussex

To finish the list is one of the UK’s most famous beaches. Brighton Beach is another pebble-filled beach with a vibrant seafront and 4-mile-long promenade. There’s no need to build sandcastles here, with a variety of watersports available, including kayaking and paddleboarding.

Not far from the beach is the Brighton Palace Pier, home to several fairground attractions, arcades and concession stands. You can also visit one of the galleries in the Artist Quarter or go to a vegan and ethical-friendly fayre. The opportunities at Brighton Beach are endless and make for an amazing getaway from city life.