What are Some of the Best Seaside Towns Throughout the UK?

There are few things better than being by the sea and there are many fantastic seaside towns in the UK to choose from. Each of these places has the obvious benefit of being by the sea, but they also all have their own charm and different attractions. Keep reading to discover a few of the best seaside towns in the UK to choose from.


There are few places in England as distinctive as Whitby. Known for its gothic architecture and the inspection for Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Whitby is a scenic seaside town with many charming attractions throughout along with a beautiful beach. Whitby is also easy to reach by train from many major cities, so it should not be too hard to plan your journey here without the stress of having to drive.


Southwold in Suffolk is another charming seaside town but also one that is often overlooked, which means that it can be quieter than the most popular destinations by the sea. It features an award-winning pier, a working lighthouse, clifftop cannon and a beautiful stretch of sand, which makes it the ideal beach destination. The town itself also has many attractions and inviting cafes, pubs and restaurants.


Worthing is a classic seaside town with a modern twist and a good alternative to popular and always-busy south coast seaside towns like Brighton and Portsmouth. Here you can enjoy a promenade and a pier, but you will also find micro pubs, art studios and a vintage cinema. This gives Worthing a distinctive charm and somewhere that has something for everyone.


Whitstable in Kent is the ideal choice if you are from London and want to escape the city as it is just a short journey. Whitstable is a bohemian seaside town with a lively high street and many highlights in the town along with a dramatic coastline, which makes it a great place for awarding coastal walks at any time of the year. Whitstable is also a destination known for its food and beer, so you are in for a treat on a trip here!

If you are planning a trip to a seaside town then these are places that should be on your shortlist. There are many fantastic seaside towns all over England to choose from, but these are the picks of the bunch and places that all have their own unique charm and attractions. You are sure to have a lovely time in any of these seaside towns and find plenty to see and do during your trip.