Beachcombing Britain – The Best Spots To Find Treasures this Spring!

Beachcombing Britain – The Best Spots To Find Treasures this Spring! Beaches are not just for sun and swimming, there is plenty to be found by the coast during spring as we are blessed with some of the best beachcombing spots. If you are looking for fun things to do, why not unleash the adventurer in you? Spend a spring day on the beach, taking part in a natural treasure hunt with friends and family. What a great way to spend a healthy, educational, fun day with the children. It costs almost nothing, all you need is a suitable pair of shoes for climbing over rocks and a good stick.  There are no rules, no age, or time limits.

Every beach has its own story, and you can find so many tales and legends washed up on the tide, hiding under rocks or buried under the sand. However, if you need some beachcombing inspiration, here is a list of our top 10 UK beachcombing beaches compiled by world champion beachcomber and swashbuckler Cathy Yow, in association with

Top Ten Beaches for Beachcombing

1.  Runswick Bay, North Yorkshire (picture below)
2.  Newgale Sands Beach, Pembrokeshire
3.  Westward Ho! Beach, Devon
4.  Cowes, Isle of Wight
5.  Camber Sands, East Sussex
6.  Frinton on Sea, Essex
7.  Herne Bay, Kent
8.  Barmston, East Riding of Yorkshire
9.  Combe Martin Beach, Devon
10. Cresswell Dunes & Foreshore, Northumberland

Runswick Bay, Whitby, North Yorkshire

Natural and Historical Treasures

There are many natural treasures such as fossils, speckled shells, unusual pebbles, driftwood that has sailed in from far-off places, strange-looking sponges, tangled seaweed and even shark egg cases can be found. Perhaps you will uncover nuggets of weathered glass glittering like precious gems on the sand or in rock pools.

Report Valuable Findings

If you are adventurous you could invest in a metal detector and find out what man-made booty may lie hidden under the sands.  Your expedition may uncover such wonders as coins, arrowheads and such like.  It is important to note, however, that should you discover any jewellery or ancient coins, these findings must be reported to the district coroner.

Rock Pools

Don’t forget to peer into the rock pools; they hold their own live treasures, such as fish, crabs, sea anemones, and lugworms. If you peer into the water long enough, you may find a periwinkle, or even if you are lucky enough, spot a starfish.  It’s an amazing world and one that can be quite mesmerizing.

Everything Has A Story to Tell

Adults and children alike will benefit from a beachcombing day out at the seaside, and every uncovered item holds a story, you can let your imagination go wild as you and the kids share tales of pillaging pirates and mermaids. Your children’s imaginations are boundless and soon they will creatre their own stories of how Captain Hook once visited this very beach.  They may tell you that Blackbeards’ treasure lies undiscovered in the next cove and that Captain Jack Sparrow himself was once seen in these here parts searching for the lost pieces of eight!

Why not also check out our top 10 beachcombing tips or if you find something, leave a picture on our Coast Radar facebook page as we will all be interested.