Fancy some fish n chips?

As a nation, we Brits love our fish and chips. It is something of a tradition to indulge in a piping hot portion of salt and vinegar spuds accompanied with a freshly battered piece of fish. Cod or haddock? Mushy peas or baked beans? However, you choose to eat the famous seaside snack all comes down to personal preference.

Beach Hut Life have ventured into the world of seaside snacking, discovering that there is so much more to beach food than just fish ‘n chips.

You may decide to break the seaside food tradition and go for an alternative like freshly dressed crab or a pint of whelks or cockles. Although if you are going for the ‘healthy’ option, it may not always be as low in calories as you might think.

Freshly dressed salmon with creamed potatoes and a salad garnish weigh in at 535 calories and a deep fried haddock and chips equate to 770 calories, so there’s not the world of difference between the two.

What will you decide to snack on at the beach, posh or nosh? Either way, our seaside towns are full of highly rated places where you can tuck into some beach food. This infographic highlights 8 of the nation’s favourites found in some of Britain’s best-loved seaside locations.

Fish n Chips: Posh or Nosh – An infographic by the team at Beach Hut Life