How to plan a UK holiday in 2014

The internet has 1000’s of websites giving you the best deals or the ultimate review.

But they all assume you know where you want to go. Here at The UK Beach Guide we provide you all the tools to plan a beach or coast based UK holiday in 2014. Are you thinking:

– Where should I go?

– What is there to see?

– Where can I stay?

– Where can I eat?

– What can I do?

If you have any of these questions then we can help. Use our blog to look at interesting articles from people who know the local area. Use our website and interactive maps to research an area and save-share your ideas in our trip planner. Use our iPhone App for when you are out and about. Use our social channels to share views and ask questions.

The UK Beach Guide is independent and run by a single person who has a passion for the UK beaches and the British coastline.