Tips On Getting A Great Last Minute Weekend Getaway

Booking a weekend break as late as possible can mean that you get a great bargain, but you need to retain a flexible attitude. If you have you heart set on a relaxing weekend in London, for instance, it is best to book earlier rather than late. As resorts, hotels and airlines get booked up, so the price usually rises. Nevertheless, last minute bargains can still be found, if you look for them. You simply need to find the weekend getaway where the accommodation and travel has not already been booked to capacity. When a place is not fully booked up, it is likely you will be able to negotiate a good deal.


Don’t overlook other types of holiday when you are booking. Looking for last minute cruise deals? It’s not yet too late to plan your weekend getaway! Many people think that cruise type breaks don’t offer last minute deals but this is far from true. Once a cruise ship is ready to sail, all of the overheads have to be met by the operator. Therefore, empty cabins are a waste to the owners of the vessel. At the last minute, reduced priced travel means the operator increases their profit margin. Ask for a deal with your booking agent or go to the operator directly.

Self Catering

Booking a holiday cottage is a great way of getting a cost-effective break away. If you can drive to your destination, you don’t have to factor in travel costs other than fuel. Last minute deals are offered by owners keen to make sure that their holiday let is occupied. Try to contact the owner directly, rather than using an agent, and ask for the best price that they can offer. Perhaps you won’t get a price reduction but maybe think about asking the owner to allow you to stay for an extra night instead. A good tip is to book a self catering holiday cottage outside of the school holidays, when prices are usually more affordable.

Package Deals

If you want a one-stop shop for your weekend away where travel, accommodation and transfers are tied into a single package, then it would be best to go to a travel agent for a last minute deal. Just make sure though that they have the relevant trade registrations before you part with your cash.