A favourite beach has to have a first visit

We hear a lot of people saying this is our favourite beach, and we always head down to such and such part of the coast as it is great because…

Although this is great for people to visit the coast, we believe too many are missing out on some hidden gems, and if they only look around, they may find some more favourites.

The UK has over 31,000 km of coastline, this is a lot of beaches, bays and coves to explore, from town beaches to hidden coves accessible after a coast walk.

At Coast Radar, we provide interactive maps, text search tools and the ability to record and share your ideas in our trip planning tools.

For each beach, we describe the beach, list facilities, show an interactive map of the area, photos and give you some ideas of things to do in the area. If you like the beach, add it to your trip.

Once you visit a beach, why not leave a comment on Facebook or Twitter so that others can benefit from your visit? Also, if you spot we got something wrong, let us know, and we will adjust our information.

If you think about it, your favourite beach had to have a first visit, so why not explore, have some more first visits and possibly find some more favourites?