Great Tips For Travelling By Road This Summer

Us Brits love road trips! It doesn’t matter the weather, the congestion or the throngs of people you’ll encounter at the other end, we just love getting out there.

A gentle drive through the pretty English countryside helps us unwind apparently and with over 65% of the population keen to drive for pleasure it must have some merit. Recent research has shown that that over 20% of Brits rate a leisure drive as a reasonable day out cost wise too which adds to the pleasure.

Apart from our superb coastal areas, some of the top destinations for a road trip in the United Kingdom include:

  • The Lake District – 26%
  • The Yorkshire Moors – 18%
  • Snowdonia, Wales – 15%
  • The Scottish Highlands – 13%
  • The Peak District – 13%

Just ensure that you’re ready for the trip in terms of safety and what you need to take with you. Here are a few tips.

1.  Check your breakdown cover is in order and not expired.

2.  Make sure the car is in tip top condition in terms of tyres, brakes, lights and anything else you feel may need attention or that could cause a problem when driving.

3.  Check your car insurance is up to date and covers you for incidents like accommodation or a cover rental if you can no longer drive your car.

4.  Take your details with you. It’s easy to forget your licence card and insurance details so make sure you have them with you just in case.

5.  Let someone know where you are heading and that you’ll call them once you’re there. Not just for their peace of mind but for yours and your families too.

If you are leaving the United Kingdom for a prolonged holiday or quick break make sure you’ve read up about the road signs, rules and regulations as you don’t want to be driving on the wrong side of the road or worse! Safe driving Great Britain!