5 Top Tips To Getting The Best Tan This Summer

Get your body ready for Summer!

Everyone wants to be sun kissed and sizzling with a warm, brown glow!

A great overall tan that just smacks of relaxation and decadence makes us feel closer to nature and somehow, happier.  The average British body is not used to having the sun all year round, so when the sun does shine we need to be a bit more cautious.

Here are some top tips for getting our bodies looking radiant and glowing.

1.  The all over body scrub

Before you venture out, treat yourself to an all over body scrub.  If you want to do this at home your local pharmacy will be laden with this seasons most glorious smelling goodies to keep you buff! Scrub away the winter with a seasalt scrub and then slather yourself with a tropical infused luxury moisturiser. Your skin will tingle and all those fragrances will get you in the mood to face the beach.

2.  The higher the factor the better!

On the day you go, apply sunscreen everywhere! If it is your first beach visit of the year, apply a higher factor than usual. Some people use a factor 50 or higher on their faces where the skin is thinner and more sensitive and a lower factor on their bodies. You will know which is the best combination for you. Don’t forget your decolletes when you block out your face!

3.  Take your time to work on that tan!

It’s best to work up to a tan, it wont just appear overnight.

Expose yourself to the sun in increments. Lay on the beach for 20 minutes in full sun in the morning making sure you ‘turn’ regularly. Then retreat to the shade of the beach umbrella or local beach café during the peak sun times. Spend another 30 minutes in full sun in the afternoon.

4.  Boost that sunblock!

It’s important to work up to spending longer in the sun. Sun block wears off after a few hours or if you’ve had a  dip in the pool. You need to reapply it often. Piz Buin offer a ‘tan enhancing’ spray which helps increase the build of protective melanin and some beauty houses also do a pre tan cream or spray that you use for a week before going on holiday. A few hours in the sun without sunblock is likely to cause a nasty sun burn which is only going to hurt on Monday when it’  time to head back to work.

When you are at the beach wear a water resistant sunblock, sweat and sea water will wash away your protect layer and leave you exposed.

5.  Sealing in the colour

Remember your after sun care when you return home. A cooling shower and aloe vera or ‘after sun’ moisturiser will seal in the moisture and keep your skin feeling supple and nourished. If you’re determined to keep the tan add redbush tea bags to your bath water and soak! Another great way to top up a tan is with a body cream with inbuilt stain that tans your legs a bit more every time you use it!

Be prepared, build up your tan over time, wear sunblock and most importantly have a great time on out British beaches this summer.