Is Bournemouth worth the trip?

Last month I had the pleasure of re-visiting Bournemouth, a spot which I visited many times in my youth. Though I enjoyed my time there as a child, today I write this blog as a (theoretically) more mature adult, who is better capable of evaluation and critique. I hope to answer the question without bias – is Bournemouth worth the trip?

Bournemouth’s Pier offers thrill seekers a zipline that clocks in at a whopping 250m in length and exceeds over 20mph. Though I myself avoided it, the distant screams of self-made ‘influencers’ snapping selfies with their phones sealed inside plastic zip-locks confirms, quite clearly to me, that the zipline provides the type thrilling self-endangerment one might be looking for on a trip. If you’re looking for something a little more tame, there is also Rockreef; a rock climbing facility which promises an outlet for any child with perhaps a little too much energy to expend. The Pier also has services for adults, such as the cocktails they provide, spanning from Spiced Mojito to Captain Morgan Spiced Rum. These refreshments are perfect for keeping you cool on a warm summers day.

Along the beach itself there are a variety of activities, all substantially different from one another. The upside down house boasts an environment in which everything is turned on its head. Chairs and tables hang above you, whilst you appear to be walking along the ceiling, sticking to it like spiderman. It’s a good photo op, for those looking to expand their social media influence. Similarly, the Ferris wheel provides plenty of picturesque views of Bournemouth from above, granting one the opportunity to witness everything Bournemouth has to offer at once.

Bournemouth Ferris Wheel

If you only have time for one activity, I would recommend stopping by the pirate themed crazy golf course above all else if you get the chance. Titled smugglers cove, it’s an 18 course marathon that runs the gamut of golf-themed challenges, including an optional objective of reaching below each courses’ par, and even updating the local leader board. As for indoor activities, a simple trip to the cinema may suffice, as it’s within walking distance from the beach. That’s one other benefit of Bournemouth – practically everything you need is within walking distance. Overall, I would recommend visiting Bournemouth if you have the time. Even if the many activities mentioned don’t interest – one can find a certain calm in ignoring all these events and simply walking along the windy cliffs of Bournemouth. Whilst it’s not something I would have done as a child, there are new types of joys that can be appreciated here as an adult, leading me to conclude that there are things here to entertain both kids and adults alike.

Article by
James Clifton