Find The Nearest Beach North Yorkshire

Planning a trip to North Yorkshire and looking for the nearest beaches. North Yorkshire offers 72 km of ever-changing coast with the Moors as a backdrop. It’s dramatic and rugged with beautiful beaches, rocky coves, tiny seaside villages, high cliffs and superb seaside resorts with a cliff top path that runs for 48 km.

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    Scarborough North Bay Beach

    • image-998

    Marske Sands Beach

    • image-996

    Granville Beach

    • image-727

    Cayton Bay Beach

    • image-997

    Stray Beach

    • image-627

    Redcar Sands Beach

    • image-626

    Coatham Sands Beach

    • image-165

    Reighton Sands Beach

    • image-1007

    Ravenscar Beach

    • image-2395

    Sandsend Beach

    • image-2378

    Runswick Sands Beach

    • image-145

    Cattersty Sands Beach