Pubs, short for “public houses,” are integral to British culture and social life. Pubs in the UK are not just about drinks; they are also places to enjoy food and sometimes live music or entertainment.

It’s a great place to stop off for something to eat on a coast walk or break from the beach. In the spring/summer look for one with a large beer garden, and in the autumn/winter one with an open fire to huddle around.

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Popular Pubs

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The Mary Shelley Pub

The Troll Cart Pub

The Eight Bells Pub

The Black Horse Inn

The Bears Head Pub

Woodrow Wilson Pub

Yr Hen Dderwen Pub

The Layton Rakes Pub

The Royal Oak Pub

The Electrical Wizard Pub

The Swan Pub

The Nightjar Pub

Showing Places 1-12 of 202