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Beaches with seaside awards are accolades and quality assessments given to those that meet specific criteria related to cleanliness, safety, environmental sustainability, and overall visitor experience. There are several notable types of seaside awards in the UK, and they often come with different requirements and expectations. Some of the primary awards and their meanings include:

  • Blue Flag Award:  is an international award for beaches that meet strict water quality, safety, environmental education, and management criteria.
  • Seaside Award: This award, granted by Keep Britain Tidy in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland, recognizes beaches that meet cleanliness and water quality standards. These beaches are expected to offer clean bathing water and good visitor facilities.
  • Green Coast Award: The Green Coast Award, also provided by Keep Britain Tidy, is given to beaches that may not have the infrastructure of a Blue Flag beach but still meet high environmental and cleanliness standards. These are often quieter and more natural locations.

This page lists those that meet the Seaside and Green Coast Awards, and we have a separate tag for Blue Flag Beaches.

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