Hardknott Roman Fort


Hardknott Roman Fort ruins is square with rounded corners, 114 metres long externally, or 105 metres internally, the rampart wall being about 1.7 metres thick with ditches adding to the total width of the rampart. The low walls of the fort were “restored” some years ago, a slate course showing the height of the walls before their rebuilding.

The outer wall has four gates, at the centre of each side, and lookout towers at each corner. Within the walls are the remaining outlines of three buildings: a granary, a garrison headquarter building and a house for the garrison commander. In addition to these stone buildings, timber structures would have housed barracks for the legionaries.

Outside the square of the fort is the remains of the bath house (which has a rare circular sudatorium), and the levelled parade ground, which is considered to be the finest surviving example in the Western Empire.

Article taken from wikipedia.

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Friday, Dec 03
Expect a temp in the range -1℃ to 0.5℃ with wind speed 2.5 m/sec (ESE)

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