Seasonal Beach Dog Restrictions End!

The end of September marks the opening of most UK beaches to dog owners.

Seasonal dog bans in the UK vary by location and are typically imposed by local authorities rather than on a national level. These bans are put in place to control dogs on certain beaches or specific areas of beaches during the main tourist season.

We are announcing an end but admit we may be a bit premature in some areas as seasonal dog bans’ start and end dates can vary. We do believe the majority of seasonal dog bans finish at the end of September, although some may extend into October.

Dog-friendly beaches in the UK

To find out the exact dates for a specific beach’s seasonal dog ban, you should check our dog-friendly beach list or beach information pages, where we have information on when the ban starts and ends.

If you are a dog owner and looking for dog-friendly days out or places to eat then check out our sister site at MyPAWfectPlace.