Suffolk Is The Sunniest Spot in England!

We’re obsessed with the weather in the United Kingdom and no more so than when we’re trying to plan a holiday.  It’s doesn’t matter if it’s a family holiday, a short break or a romantic getaway, we all want the sun to shine during our holiday!

The Atlantic Ocean affects all weather in England and the parts hardest hit by the wet weather are Wales and Western England.  The good thing is that the Eastern areas of England are drier and less windy!

Holidays in Suffolk give you the least chance of rain in the country!  The days are increasingly sunny and dry when the rest of us are experiencing Summer downpours.

The annual rainfall in Suffolk is about one fifth of that in the West Country and half of that on the South coast!  Suffolk has record highs of sunshine and is more temperate than the rest of England receiving a couple of hours more sunshine each week than the national average!

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