West Sussex Hidden Beaches

When people think of beach holidays in the UK, they automatically think about the popular areas of Devon, Cornwall, Dorset, etc.

West Sussex, bordering East Sussex (with Brighton and Hove), Hampshire and Surrey, has a lot to offer families who want a holiday destination with some good beaches and plenty to do on and off the beach. The coastal area of West Sussex is also known for its dryness, as the inland hills of the South Downs protect the beaches.

With its diverse coastline, West Sussex offers town beaches at Bognor Regis, Littlehampton, and Worthing and several hidden beaches with limited facilities away from these more popular and crowded areas. Why not check out our West Sussex Coast Map to explore the area?

You don’t have many golden sandy beaches; most typically change depending on the tide, with pebble banks at high tide, and then as the tide gets lower, sand becomes available. A few sand dune systems exist, like the one just over the river to the West of Littlehampton, where, along with a fantastic beach, you also have a nature reserve within the dunes.

As well as the typical family beaches a number provide good watersports with kite based sports being popular. As well as kite surfing, the large areas of compact flat sand at low tide provide good kite buggy locations.

Suppose you want a break from the beach. Why not explore one of the many pretty towns (Chichester, Arundel, …), castles and old houses (Arundel, Petworth, …), museums, and wildlife at Chichester or Pagham harbours or go walking and enjoy the views from the South Downs?

West Sussex is a great place to stay and explore one of the lesser-visited areas of the UK. If you live in London, then it’s a good day-visit option!

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