What are the Best Coastal Routes for a Road Trip in the UK?

A road trip is a great way to explore new places, have fun with friends/family and enjoy the open road. As an island nation, the UK has many stunning coastal routes to consider for a road trip and there is nothing quite like feeling the fresh sea air, relaxing on the beach and spending time in charming coastal towns. It is a good idea to split up the driving duties with others, so make sure that you arrange insurance for a day if getting behind the wheel of a car that you are not insured on.

So, where are some of the best places for a coastal road trip?

The North Coast 500

The North Coast 500 is one of the most famous road trips in all of Europe and for good reason. This 500-mile trip around Scotland’s north coast allows you to see the dramatic, wild and breathtaking natural beauty in this part of the world. It is hard to believe you are still in the UK at times and there are plenty of places to stop off and highlights to discover along the way.

The Causeway Coastal Route

Northern Ireland also has its fair share of wild, dramatic and breathtaking coastal scenery. The Causeway Coastal route is a 200-mile trip taking you from Belfast to Derry with the ability to do the Gobbins Cliff Walk, see ruined castles, stop off in charming villages and see the iconic Giant’s Causeway.

The Jurassic Coast

The Jurassic Coast is considered a historically significant area as one of the richest sites for prehistoric remains. As a result, the Jurassic Coast is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and somewhere that anyone with an interest in history will enjoy visiting. It also happens to be an incredibly beautiful part of England with picturesque beaches, rugged cliffs and inviting seaside towns to explore.

The Cornish Coast

Slightly further southwest you have the Cornish coast, which is a great spot if you want to try your hand at surfing and watersports. There are a few routes that you could take, but St. Ives to Land’s End is a great option that will show you the great beauty of the area before arriving at the popular headland where there are plenty of fun things to see and do.

These are some of the best options when it comes to coastal road trips in the UK. The UK boasts some spectacular coastal scenery all around and a road trip is a great way to explore and enjoy spending time by the sea. In addition to the sea air, beaches and natural beauty of these areas, you will also find plenty of charming seaside towns and villages to stop off in for great food and drink.