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    According to the inscription upon the Chichester Market Cross, it was built by Edward Story, the bishop of Chichester from 1477 to 1503. Built so that the poor people should have somewhere to sell their goods. An earlier wooden cross had been erected on the same site by Bishop Rede (1369-1385).

    The Market Cross is constructed of Caen stone, is octangular, having a strong butment at each angle, surmounted with pinnacles. On each of its faces is an entrance through a pointed arch, ornamented with crockets and a finial. Above this, on four of its sides, is a tablet, to commemorate its reparation in the reign of Charles II. Above each tablet is a dial, exhibiting the hour to each of the three principal streets; the fourth being excluded from this advantage by standing at an angle. In the centre is a large circular column, the basement of which forms a seat: into this column is inserted a number of groinings, which, spreading from the centre, form the roof beautifully moulded. The central column appears to continue through the roof, and is supported without by eight flying buttresses, which rest on the several corners of the building.

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    Mixed precipitation on Tuesday through next Saturday, with temperatures bottoming out at 0°C on Wednesday.

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     Partly cloudy starting in the evening and breezy overnight.
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    Sunday, Feb 25th
     Breezy in the morning.
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    Monday, Feb 26th
     Mostly cloudy throughout the day.
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     Mostly cloudy throughout the day.
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    Wednesday, Feb 28th
     Mostly cloudy throughout the day and breezy starting in the afternoon.
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      6:50 am    5:43 pm
    Thursday, Mar 1st
     Windy throughout the day and mixed precipitation (2–6 cm. of snow) starting in the afternoon.
       67%  97%   31 mph
      6:48 am    5:45 pm

    Friday, Mar 2nd
     Rain in the morning and windy until afternoon.
       89%  98%   21 mph
      6:46 am    5:46 pm
    Saturday, Mar 3rd
     Rain and breezy in the morning.
       60%  86%   11 mph
      6:44 am    5:48 pm

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