Viking bay in Broadstairs Kent
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The Seven Broadstairs Bay Beaches

Broadstairs is a picturesque seaside town in Kent, sitting between Margate in the North and Ramsgate in the South, this stretch of coast contains some of the nearest beaches to London and is only just over an hour away. The locality to London makes Broadstairs a perfect day trip option with some of the closest beaches.

This part of the Kent coast has 7 bays all offering something slightly different from town beaches, to surfing beaches, and all with soft sand and white chalk cliffs.

Botany Bay

botany bay broadstairs photo
Photo by GanMed64

The most northerly of the Broadstairs bays and probably the least commercialised with a long soft sandy beach, white chalk cliffs, individual chalk stacks and arches.

When the tide flows out you get one of the best chalk reefs on the British coast.

Botany Bay has a 2022 Blue Flag beach award.

Kingsgate Bay

A sandy beach with high chalk cliffs. Typically not so busy as those around it is a little harder to park

Good views from the clifftop pub on the northern section of the beach.

Joss Bay

Joss Bay is a large sandy beach and is known as a very good surfing spot and home to Joss Bay Surf School.

Again the beach is a large sandy beach sitting under white chalk cliffs and overlooked by the North Foreland Lighthouse.

Joss Bay has a 2022 Blue Flag beach award.

Stone Bay

stone bay broadstairs photo
Photo by Mafue

First of the beaches that are now within the main heart of Broadstairs itself. We still have a large area of sand and white cliffs but also we are now closer to a wider selection of amenities.

Stone Bay has a 2022 Blue Flag beach award.

Viking Bay

viking bay broadstairs photo
Photo by EEPaul

Viking Bay is a horseshoe-shaped bay with a tidal pool and is the main Broadstairs town beach along with the small working harbour on the northern tip.

Some nice views from the delightful cliff-top promenade.

Dickens wrote David Copperfield at Bleak House just behind the beach.

Louisa Bay

This bay is just to the south of the main town beach and you can walk between the two when the tide is out. The beach shares the tidal pool along with Viking Bay,

Some nice rock pools to explore at low tide but the beach all but disappears at high tide.

Dumpton Gap

Dumpton ramsgate photo
Photo by john47kent

Although the most southern of the 7 bays Dumpton Gap sits between Broadstairs and Ramsgate. A smaller and more quiet beach than the other bays, in part due to being further from the town.

Why settle on a town with one beach when you can visit Broadstairs and its seven beautiful bays.