Beaches near me

Embarking on a spontaneous seaside adventure doesn’t always require a long journey. The United Kingdom, with its diverse coastline, offers many beaches that might be closer than you think. Whether you’re a local looking for a quick escape or a traveller exploring a new region, the UK’s coastal wonders are waiting to be discovered near you.

From quaint coves to expansive sandy shores, the UK’s beaches near you are brimming with possibilities for a memorable coastal escape. Whether you seek tranquillity, adventure, or a bit of both, the beauty of the seaside is just a short journey away.

In these articles, we’ll guide you through a tour of the hidden gems and well-loved stretches of sand that make up the beautiful beaches near you.

Top 5 Scottish Beaches for Your Next Escape

Scotland’s coastline is remarkably long and indented, stretching over an estimated 10,000 miles (about 16,000 kilometres) when you include the ...
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10 Best British Beachcombing Beaches

Here we list our ten best British beachcombing beaches. Exploring our diverse British coast can be great fun, with each ...
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Where is the nearest beach to Sheffield?

Sheffield is a city in South Yorkshire, and its proximity to the Peak District makes it a popular base for outdoor ...
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Guide to Porthleven Cornwall

Porthleven is mainland England’s most southerly fishing port, sitting between Lands End and the Lizard Point in Cornwall. Porthleven has built up ...
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Best 4 Beaches in Kent

Your guide to the best beaches in Kent, from wide open stretches of unspoilt sand to charming beaches in seaside towns ...
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Where is the nearest beach to Leicester?

Leicester, a city in the East Midlands, is far from any coastline, just about as far away as you can ...
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Where is the Nearest beach to me?

So you have the question, “What’s the nearest beach to me?” or “Where is the closest beach?“ Well, Coast Radar ...
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Where is the nearest beach to Manchester?

Manchester is a landlocked city in northwest England, and it doesn’t have a coastline or beaches directly within the city ...
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Visit a new beach our May challenge

Do you like visiting the UK coastline but tend to hit the same beaches repeatedly? I understand we all have ...
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The Seven Broadstairs Bay Beaches

Broadstairs is a picturesque seaside town in Kent, sitting between Margate in the North and Ramsgate in the South, this ...
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Where is the nearest beach to Bristol?

The nearest beach to Bristol? Although Bristol is a port city, there are no beaches in Bristol, but you do have ...
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4 Beautiful Seaside Towns Near London

With the rising cost of living, it’s great to be able to access your own little slice of paradise so ...
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