Ramsey Destination Guide

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Explore Ramsey Seaside, Coast and Beaches

Ramsey is a coastal town in the north of the Isle of Man and is the second largest town on the island. Ramsey is located in the sunniest part of the island as it sits on the east coast protected by the Manx Hills. Leading away northwards from Ramsey itself you get continuous sandy beaches running to the Point of Ayre at the northern tip of the Island of Man.

Ramsey Ayre Coast Map


Want some ideas on where to visit?

Every favourite location must be visited for the first time. Want some ideas, why not check out the below small selection of coastal locations, including beaches, activities, things to see and do, and places to stay and eat:

Ramsey Beach

Ramsey Queens Pier

Place Tags: Piers

Port Lewaigue Beach

Place Tags: Beaches and Dog Friendly

Point of Ayre Beach

Place Tags: Beaches

Point of Ayre Lighthouse

Place Tags: Lighthouses

Ramsey lifeboat station

Place Tags: Lifeboats

Grove Museum of Victorian Life

Place Tags: Museums

Ayres Nature Discovery Centre and Nature Trail

Place Tags: Outdoors - Nature