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    Bedlington Country Park & Nature Reserve Information

    Bedlington Country Park covers approximately 57 hectares of woodland and grassland on the north banks of River Blyth with many bridle paths and nature trails.

    The park is a steep sloping, natural wooded valley which runs from the old Bedlington Iron Works site at Furnace Bridge in the east, through Attlee Park at the bottom of Bedlington Bank, beside Bedlington Bridge and the A193 road, west towards Humford Mill and Hartford Hall to the west. In 1984 the Country Park was created to protect the unique nature of the area and in 2006 Local Nature Reserve status was gained.

    The Country Park can be reached by bus, which stops at Hartford Hall, Bedlington Front Street and beside the Bank Top Public House (Bedlington Station). There are three car parks within the site, at Furnace Bridge, at the bottom of Bedlington Bank, Attlee Park and at Humford Mill. Pedestrian access is also available from Spring Park Road, Church Lane (leads to Humford Mill) and Hartford Hall.

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