Ask a Local: Sussex by the Sea

Sussex by the Sea – as viewed through a different lens

You might think you know what Sussex by the Sea is all about, but we think you’ll be surprised. This is a coastal destination that’s traditional, quirky, fun and unique. All you need to do is see it through a different lens.

What’s the best part? It’s only 90 minutes by car or a train from London.

Take Bognor Regis beach for example

bognor regis photo
Bognor Regis beach photo by Martin Pettittcc

Bognor Beach is sandy and shingly with a timeless charm about it. So many visitors simply come to take part in the age-old British seaside traditions, setting up camp in a deck chair by the Pier and enjoying a cold ice-cream. Some take the opportunity to build a sandcastle with the kids. Others sit back and relax while following the daring twists and turns of the kite surfers or jet-skiers out at sea. Of course in summer, Bognor Regis’ long sunshine hours make the latter option all the more tempting!

Somehow, though, even everyday occurrences seem less ordinary here

littlehampton bench photo
Littlehampton long bench photo by treehouse1977cc

Visit Littlehampton seafront for a stroll along the prom, and you’ll find yourself captivated by the snapshot of human life that is so cleverly incorporated into the UK’s longest bench. The 324-metre long structure twists and winds its way along the East Beach between two striking metal shelters, its slats carrying hundreds of personal messages from members of the public. They range from messages of remembrance to those commemorating births or anniversaries – there’s even a marriage proposal in amongst them!

Not everyone, however, enjoys the beaches on foot

ferring beach photo
Ferring beach photo by Leimenidecc

A favourite for horse riders, nearby Ferring beach can prove quite a sight at low tide. The beauty of the horses carrying their riders along the shingle can really take your breath away, particularly if you’re visiting at sunset.

Similarly, pick a spot behind one of the Littlehampton Long Bench shelters at dusk and watch the cyclists pass like silhouettes along the prom. Or, gaze down on them from above on the amusement rides at Harbour Park. If you’re up for a true seaside adventure, there are rides on Bognor Regis seafront too!

You’ll be amazed at what you can see if you venture off the beaches

Head out onto the water, and you’ll see the coastline in all its glory. In fact, it’s one of the best ways to see it! In Littlehampton, there’s a new ferry shuttle that travels between the beaches, giving you the perfect view of the harbour along the way. In Bognor Regis, you can even launch your own personal watercraft.

Sailing’s popular among the locals too. There are yacht clubs in Aldwick, Felpham, Littlehampton and Pagham – a great way to get out and about and explore.

Speaking of exploring, here you’re never far from a bit of ‘inside’ knowledge.

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