Coastal Lidos in the United Kingdom

Bude open-air sea water swimming pool

The main Lido building period was in the 1930s, when outdoor swimming became popular, and 169 were built across the UK. In this period it became as essential for a seaside town to have a lido as it had been to have a pier in the late 1800’s.

Here we list not only the original Lidos but also tidal swimming pools and newer open air swimming pools that are still running and at the mercy of the UK weather. We have restricted our list to coastal counties in the UK and so some pools may still be some distance from the actual sea.

We do recommend you check the opening details as in many cases Lidos are struggling to keep going and often run by volunteers and opening depends on staffing availability.

If we don’t use these facilities then we will loose them as most struggle with local community support, please support lido and outdoor pools.

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