Coast Radar Site Map

This is our Site Map for Coast Radar that can help you in your navigation. The website is organised based on places at specific destinations. Pages show a breadcrumb at the top of each page, allowing you to navigate the UK and Ireland regions. Tags in each of our listings enable you to then focus on a single interest if you want something specific, e.g. beach, pier or cafes.


This is our tag cloud that you may wish to focus on.

Activities Animals - Wildlife Aquariums Art - Culture Attractions Beaches Beach Huts Blue Flag Awards Boat Trips Cafes Castles and Forts Chip Shops Dog Friendly Dog Restrictions Dogs Prohibited Harbours History - Heritage Lidos - Pools Lifeboats Lighthouses Museums Outdoors - Nature Piers Pubs Restaurants Seaside Awards Shops Tearooms Zoos


Our search box listed here is on many pages and allows you to search for text that occurs in a place’s title and you can narrow the search within a specific category or to a specific region, e.g. Cornwall or a town, e.g. Padstow.


This is a full list of regions on the Coast Radar website.

If you know where you want to go then you can jump to a city using our location switcher below: